About Us

We are Finely-Tuned Home & Work Automation

Harmonic Homes is an industry-leading provider of home automation solutions in the Southeast. We take passion in our ability to architecturally design, install, and program any solution in your home. We can integrate and automate whole home audio & video, lights, climate control, security cameras and systems, shading/blinds, and more. All controlled from our custom app on your phone or tablet for less than our competitors.

Our Process


Our engineers are passionate about designing efficient home automation systems that are less expensive to implement and operate.


Non-evasive and hassle free. Our experts do all the work and every Harmonic Homes install is fully guaranteed and backed by 24/7 support.


Tech smarts not required. We do all the programming, providing you one-touch access to any “scene” you desire in your home.

Our Team