AFFORDABLE Automation & Integration SOLUTIONS WHAT IS A HARMONIC SPACE? FINELY-TUNED HOME AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS TOTALLY SECURE VIDEO & ACCESS CONTROL ALL SOLUTIONS No matter where you are in the world, you will know all is well at home. MOOD CHANGER LIGHTING CONTROL Don't get up. A Harmonic Home dims the lights for you. ALL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE SCREENING WHOLE-HOME AV & HOME THEATER Harmonic Homes AV experts bring a whole new meaning to home movies, no matter where in the house you like to watch. ALL SOLUTIONS CLIMATE CONTROL INTEGRATED AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS With Harmonic Homes, the climate adapts to you. ALL SOLUTIONS AUTOSHADE WINDOW BLINDS & SHADES Perhaps the sun does revolve around you. With Harmonic Homes automation solutions, your home knows the sun tends to blind you around 3pm in October. ALL SOLUTIONS HARMONIOUS LIVING INTEGRATED TO MATCH YOUR LIFESTYLE We guarantee the most affordable totally immersive home automation solution on the market today. Our experts custom program your security, environmental and entertainment preferences into one simple-to-use app, so you have total control of your home from anywhere on any device. ALL SOLUTIONS


Our engineers are passionate about designing efficient home automation systems that are less expensive to implement and operate.


Non-evasive and hassle free. Our experts do all the work and every Harmonic Homes install is fully guaranteed and backed by 24/7 support.


Tech smarts not required. We do all the programming, providing you one-touch access to any “scene” you desire in your home.